Monday, August 1, 2011

2011 PhilMoFo XCM-MIM

PhilMoFo's XCM MIM: 21st of August

You can choose from 2 distances: 120km and 200km. Both distances have categories of all-men and mixed. For safety, we discourage all-women teams from joining.

Rules and requirements:

-3 to 5-person team
-all men
-each must have a bike
-each team must have a first aid kit
-for those in the 200km event, each member must have lights and a REAR blinker
-all members can only be supported by their own teammates
-no outside support
-no SAG will bring any of the participants' food, tools, supplies and equipment
-stores are available along the route. You can get refreshments there but no (moving) vehicle must bring or hand over refreshments to any participant
-only these types of bikes are allowed due to the nature of the course:
-MTB- whether 29'er or not
-For everyone's safety, wheelsize limit is set to 1.5 inches for MTB; 32mm for CX
-For everyone's safety, full slicks and skinnies not allowed; semi slicks minimum

For the 120km event:
Start time: 5am sharp.
Cut-off time to finish: 2pm sharp
Food and drinks will be distributed at the 60km point.

For the 200km event:
Start time: 430am sharp.
Cut-off time at 60km point: 8am
Cut-off time at finish: 8pm
Food and drinks will be distributed at the 60km point.

All finishers, regardless of their distance events will get a finisher's medal.
Winners' prizes (120km and 200km):
All-men: 5,000 for 1st; 3,000 for 2nd; 2,000 for 3rd
Mixed: 5,000 for 1st; 3,000 for 2nd; 2,000 for 3rd


Fee: 500php per head/team member
The fee is inclusive of an XCM MIM shirt, food and drinks at designated pit stops. The race is open to non-members of the forum.
There will be no on-site registration. Only those who have paid will be able to join. Registration forms and waivers must be signed and given to us at the race day itself.

Once paid, your registration/ slot is non-transferable.

On or before the 17th of August, all teams are requested to pay the whole fee as one for better tracking.

Entry fees may be deposited to the following bank accounts:

2815 0073 98
Meyrick Amadeo Foronda
BPI COngressional Ave, QC

BDO Savings: 5370114375
Alan David B. Sotelo
Branch is at Rada cor. Dela Rosa st., Makati.

Please save your deposit slips and send me, Yukon or Sup a PM once payment has been done. Or you can text/call me at 0917-3842162.


Starting point will be at Boso-boso where Cycle Park is.


Topic: 2011 PhilMoFo XCM-MIM


Download Registration/Waiver Form Here

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